Pistol Cartridges for Rifles in Iowa 2017

Discussion in 'Gear and Equipment' started by F224, Aug 27, 2017.

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    Having done a lot of research; I decided to go with a single shot in 357 Maximum, it has light to modest recoil and custom Contender/Encore/CVA Apex barrels are reasonably priced.

    I'm running the 140gr Hornady FTX 357mag bullet in my 20" CVA Apex, here are the numbers:
    2500fps and this gun shoots five into .75" at it's 100 yard zero;
    Drop in inches at;
    200 yards- 7.5"
    250 " - 16.4"
    300 " - 30"

    100 yards- 1230 ftlb
    300 yards- 436 ftlb

    Basically at 300 yards you have the same energy levels as a 4 to 6" 357 magnum handgun would at about 75 yards. The bullet stays supersonic to about 320 yards, which is well inside my shooting lanes max distance.

    My brother is running the 180gr Hawk Bullet's at 2100fps. When I get the G1 values for that bullet, I'll post the drop values for those 180's. .

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